Advertising int he Greek Market

A look at the role of advertising in a small tile company in the Greek market.

This paper examines how marketing and advertising are linked and analyzes the fundamental facets of marketing, advertising and advertising for small businesses. It provides a case study of a small business in Greece, Aristides A.E. and evaluates its marketing strategy to see if any improvements can be made. It attempts to create a new marketing plan to market Aristides A.E. as a distributor of exclusive goods, to generate more high-value orders and to build relationships with clients who are likely to keep coming back for more products. Outline Literature Review Methodology Discussion Conclusions and Recommendations

Public Relations is also a necessary evil for the small business: public relations takes a number of forms and in its purest form is viewed as the means by which a company can communicate honestly and accurately with its public: it includes media releases, product launches and premises openings (My Business, 2004c; Williams, 2004). PR is generally a cheap form of communication, but, if you want to do it effectively there are simple guidelines to follow: if you are about to set up a business send a press release to the local paper, or hold a launch event and target the appropriate trade journals (My Business, 2004c). When writing a press release, it is vital to keep it simple: journalists are bombarded with hundreds of press releases every week and have tight deadlines to meet, and so if the press release babbles, there is a very good chance it will end up in the bin before the third paragraph is reached.


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