Women of the Nicaraguan Revolution


This paper looks at the role of women in the Sandinista Guerilla Movement of Nicaragua that would eventually topple the Somoza dictatorship. The paper illustrates how the “Daughters of Sandino” were the heart and soul of the guerilla movement that ended Nicaraguan male-dominated rule.

From the Paper:

“Overall the Nicaraguan revolution was a reaction to the cruel dictatorship of the Somoza dynasty. There was a very small and very rich upper class, but the majority of the population lived in poverty. The only way out seemed to be violence: “It was totally clear that there was no alternative but armed struggle. When you attempted to clean things up a bit, to work honestly, right away you came up against the mafia, the repression, the whole established scheme of things”–Daisy Zamora (Brentlinger 44). Gender relations under conditions of guerrilla war differed from the relations of everyday life. There seemed to be significant gender equality during their respective guerrilla struggles that did not continue existing afterwards.”


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